Saturday, November 26, 2005

Mojitos & stuff

It hit my sister 2 days ago that she's got about a month left before she goes back to Philly for school. She actually started tearing up in the sub shop thinking about it. A few seconds later I was crying too and we were two jackasses crying over subs and grape pop in Zero's.

So in an effort to spend more QT we've been doing movies and actually spending time. And last night--hanging my head in shame--I got her drunk. Yes. I got my 19 year old sister intoxicated at a bar called the Voodoo Lounge with Sandy-we found out last night that we're cousins. She's black and sings rock music with some soul. Wears a size 0 and can drink you under a table. I don't care if you weigh 500 lbs. Alvin- cousin through marriage, Sandy's uncle, gay, bar owner, drink master who can guess what you're drinking, sample it and tells you how he'd make it better, will fight in a second. D-Sandy's piece (childhood crush), Alvin's best friend, green eyes, sexy as hell, what else do I need to say? Pete-entered late, Sandy's other piece, cool guy didn't get to talk to him long but he's in hotel we were in our own little world for all of 10 minutes.

Now I know my sister has been drunk many times at school. Hell my cousin would call and tell me when he bought her liquor, then she'd call me the next morning with her hangover story. Like when she thought she was dead but was somehow able to dial my number and tell me how she got dead. But last night she was introduced to mixed drinks. We went in to the bar to get tickets to a show tonight. We see Sandy. End up eating at the bar. Then everybody moves next door. I start off with a mango mojito. Little sis wants a taste so I got her one. Words can't describe her excitement. Her eyes were gleaming over and she had the biggest grin. She swore off gin and orange juice. Came at me with all these damn questions. What are these green things? What's this called again? What's mojito mean? I told her to shut the hell up before they realized she was 19.

Because of her excitement Alvin is having a mojito party Sunday. He makes them better than anybody. I'll be the judge of that as I consider myself a mojito expert. And I'm off to call my sister. By the time we left she'd had a rum drink and 2 vodka drinks. I had to tell her no to a Yaeger bomb. I hope there's no projectile hurling going on. And that I haven't scarred her for life with all the conversation about dick, sex, a little almost drama when D left and came back with his own piece (how dare he!), my declaration that sexy ass Asian bartender could have his way with me. Good damn quality time.